The Birgittine Experience







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The Birgittine Experience – Papers from the Birgitta Conference in Stockholm 2011

Claes Gejrot (red.), Roger Andersson (red.), Mia Åkestam (red.)
Serie Konferenser, 82

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  • Publicerad 2013
  • Isbn 9789174024173
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  • 400 sidor
  • Konferenser, 82
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“The Birgittine Experience” brings together nineteen papers presented at The Birgitta Conference 2011: A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium (Stockholm, 6-8 October 2011). This richly illustrated volume offers a broad view of recent Birgittine scholarship. The plurality of the field is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the authors represent not only several academic disciplines bur also no fewer than ten different countries.

Although a rich variety of topics are addressed and many types of source material have been used, the editors have aimed at thematic unity. Thus, the themes of the individual contributions revolve around three main focal points: vernacular text production in the different monasteries, Birgittine art and culture, and the Birgittine Order in an international setting.

The reader will meet detailed accounts of Birgittine texts and manuscripts and in-depth studies of matters such as the visual culture, the theological lines of influence or the didactic function of the Revelations. But also more material aspects of Birgittine culture have been considered, for example textiles, paintings and architecture. Some papers deal exclusively with the everyday life and rituals in the European Birgittine convents.

Edited by Claes Gejrot, Mia Akestam & Roger Andersson. The volume is a collection of 19 papers by participants in the symposium.