Heartists - The Life and Work of an Artist Couple







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Heartists - The Life and Work of an Artist Couple – William Blair Bruce & Carolina Benedicks-Bruce

Johanna Pietikäinen

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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789189121133
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Heartists. That is what Carry called her beloved William.

He was her lifelong love and her companion in art. He was a man who put his heart heart and soul into his artwork and into his relationship with her. In the early twentieth century, after many years on the European continent, they moved to the Swedish island of Gotland. There, they built their home, Brucebo, and filled it with art, pets and friends.

Born in Sweden, Carolina "Carry" Benedicks-Bruce was a modern woman for her time, and her passionate commitment to justice and gender equality produced echoes far beyond her home. Her husband, the Canadian William Blair Bruce, was always at her side, both in life and in death.

This is the story of two fascinating people who shaped their lives exactly as they wanted them to be - with art as a guiding star.