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Västra Vång – an Iron Age Settlement in Central Blekinge, Sweden

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  • Publicerad 2024
  • Isbn 9789198346589
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Almost 20 years have passed since the discovery of the iron age settlement in Västra Vång in Ble­kinge 2004. A decade has also passed since the ritual complex on the hill first was exposed within the settlement in 2013. These discoveries became starting points for an extensive and unforeseen growth of archaeological knowledge. The research project concerning Vång is an ongoing operation which so far has been of huge importance also for an understanding of Iron Age Blekinge as a whole.

There are several purposes with this book.

In general, it aims to spread knowledge about some of the archaeological results from the site to a wider audience and especially to non-Swedish ­speaking readers. Most importantly though it gives us an opportunity to summarize scientific gains so far, as well as what issues should be addressed in the coming years.

The different authors of this book have in various ways participated in the project over the years. Their special interests and specific competences are shown through a variety of topics.