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Museums of the World – Towards a new understanding of a historical institution

Kurt Almqvist (ed.), Louise Belfrage (ed.)

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  • Published 2015
  • Isbn 9789189672802
  • Type Hardcover
  • 124 pages
  • English

Throughout its history, the museum has always had a profound impact on human knowledge, identity and politics. As an institution it has shaped our view of the world and been crucial in spreading everything from humanism and tolerance to nationalism and other political agendas.

Beyond the traditional concept of displaying and safeguarding a collection, the museum is now expected to arrange social activities, seminars and workshops, and also to constantly engage in new media.

What lessons can be learned from the historical development of the idea the museum as enhancer of cultural meaning and orientation, and how does it affect the institution in today’s rapidly changing world, more and more globalized and interconnected? What potential and responsibilities lies upon the institution with its increasing field of interest?

The essays in this volume are based upon the seminar Museums of the World, which took place in Sweden 2015, arranged by the Ax:son Johnson Foundation.


Contributors: Naman P. Ahuja, Bruce Altshuler, Patricia Falguières, Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen, Tim Knox, Mario Schulze, Jasper Sharp