The Future of Public Service Broadcasting





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The Future of Public Service Broadcasting

Kurt Almqvist (ed.), Isabella Thomas (ed.)

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  • Published 2008
  • Isbn 9789189672215
  • Type Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • English

Public service broadcasters are facing serious comparable challenge. The institutions are criticized for betraying public service value as they increasingly venture into entertainment and reality TV programming in order to remain popular.

Medverkande: David Elstein, David Levy, Jean Seaton, Ismo Silvo, Ove Joanson, Mukti Jain Camion, Isabella Thomas, Aaquil Ahmed, Ed Klute, John Lloyd, Kerstin Brunnberg, Johan Bridcut, Niels Rasmussen, Michael Parks, Jamil Azar, Erik Fichtelius, Terhi Rantanen, Peter Philips, Robert G. Picard, Arne Wessberg