The Future of Religion





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The Future of Religion

Kurt Almqvist (ed.), Erik Wallrup (ed.)

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  • Published 2001
  • Isbn 9189672119
  • Type Hardcover
  • 231 pages
  • English

Today, religious fundamentalism is rising and liberal society is trying to find ways to defend itself. How can religious convictions be united with the pluralism of modern society and its insistence on respect for dissidents?

The texts stem from the Engelsberg Seminar, arranged by Axel And Margaret, Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

Contributors: José Casanova, Jochen Hörisch, Paul Hellas, Erik Davis, Gilles Quispel, Antoine Faivre, Elaine Pagels, Robert Jay Lifton, David Kimche, Pankaj Mishra, Massimo Introvigne, Lynn Åkesson, Ulf Sjödin, John F. Haught