San Giovenale, vol. 5, fasc. 2







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San Giovenale, vol. 5, fasc. 2 – The Borgo. The Etruscan habitation quarter on the North-West slope. Stratification and materials.

Ingrid Pohl

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  • Publicerad 2009
  • Isbn 9789170421761
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During 1961-1963 and 1965, excavations were carried out on the so-called Borgo as part of the large-scale archaeological investigations of San Giovenale which took place in 1956-1965. A large habitation complex consisting of houses, courtyards, lanes and wells was uncovered. The architectural remains and their stratigraphy will be presented in Part I of the publication. In this part (Part 2) the stratigraphy and the material found in the excavations are presented.