Modernity and Its Discontents







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Modernity and Its Discontents – Sceptical Essays on the Psychomedical Management of Malaise

Petteri Pietikäinen (red.)

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  • Publicerad 2004
  • Isbn 9789189672055
  • Typ Häftad
  • 155 sidor
  • Engelska

Why are we so inclined to uncritically accept diagnoses which until quite recently we had never heard of? Why do psychomedical fads develop so easily? This volume provides answers to theses key-questions by examining the ways in which modern forms of discontent are created amd ”managed” by psychiatrists and psychologists.

Contributors: Kurt Almqvist, Petteri Pietikäinen, David Healy, Håkan Eriksson, Germund Hesslow, E.M Rignè, Tana Dineen, Arne Jarrick