Botan - Everyone´s Green Space







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Botan - Everyone´s Green Space

Carina Johansson, Lennart Lindgren, Lasse Pettersson, Tommy Söderlund
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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789188929679
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  • 200 sidor
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DBW's Botanical Gardens, popularly known as 'Botan' are right beside the roar of the Baltic Sea waves, sheltered by the medieval Town Walls girdling Visby.

The Gardens were founded in 1855. Today, they are one of Visby's most popular sights. The continuous flow of water from the cliff creates ideal conditions here for lush growth. As the title "Botan - Everyone's Green Space" intimates, the gates of these Gardens are wide open. Here you will find a variety of 'spaces' for totally different occasions and moods, all conducive to spiritual replenishment, learning, socialising and pleasure.

The Gardens are portrayed through a prolific photographic presentation by Tommy Soderlund. When working as a professional photographer he lived and worked close to 'Botan'. With this experience he has managed to capture the gardens' numerous traits and atmospheric expressions.

Lasse Pettersson, the Head Gardener of Botan for over 20 years, divulges his personal reflections. Background narratives have been written by Lennart Lindgren and Carina Johansson.

The project leader was Goran Hellstrom, active in DBW's involvement in the Botanical Gardens; The graphic designer was Christer Jonson, a contemporary nestor in Swedish typography.