Gotland's Picture Stones







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Gotland's Picture Stones – Bearers of an Enigmatic Legacy

Maria Herlin Karnell (red.)

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  • Publicerad 2012
  • Isbn 9789188036865
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  • 215 sidor
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Gotlands's picture stones have long evoked people's fascination, whether this has been prompted by an inrerest in life in Scandinavia in the first millennium or an appreciation of the beauty of the stones. The Gotlandic picture stones offer glimpses into an enigmatic world, plentifully endowed with imagery, but they also arouse our curiosity. What was the purpose and significance of the picture stones in the world of their creators, and what underlying messages nestle beneath their imagery and broader context? As a step towards elucidating some of the points at issue and gaining an insight into current research, the Runic Research Group at the Swedish National Heritage Board, in cooperation with Gotland Museum, arranged an international interdisciplinary symposium in 2011, the first symposium ever to focus exclusively on Gotland's picture stones. The articles presented in this publication are based on the lectures delivered at that symposium.