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Harriet Backer (eng)







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Harriet Backer (eng) – Every Atom is Colour

Kristian Wikborg Wiese (red.)

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  • Publicerad 2023
  • Isbn 9783777442105
  • Typ Inbunden
  • 237 sidor
  • Engelska

Harriet Backer (1845-1932) was one of Norway's most prominent painters of the nineteenth century and a pioneer among women artists in Europe. After having left Munich for Paris, she debuted in the Salon in 1880.

Ten years later, back in Kristiania (Oslo), she established a successful school for painters. Backer's colourful interior scenes, sensitive portrayals of simple rural life, her portraits and still lifes stand out, not only in Norway, but also in Europe, when it comes to originality and quality. This publication highlights her artistic achievements and places her oeuvre in the European context.